The 2010 BMW M3 Is The Pinnacle of The BMW "M" Pedigree

The 2010 BMW M3 has become the pinnacle of the BMW “M” pedigree. No longer is the M3 seen as the cheaper and less-able version of the M5 sedan; in fact, the new E92 body style M3 has quickly proven itself to be just as strong and agile as its more expensive cousin. For the first time, the M3 has broken into V8 territory with the normally-aspirated S65-model 4.0L V8, pushing out an enormous 414 horsepower and 295 ft/lbs of torque. This award-winning engine is based on the very popular and time-tested S85 engine found in the latest M5 and M6 models. Those with a lead foot on the road will find that the speed is easy to control with the high-revving 8500 RPM redline; with peak horsepower found at a “Formula One-esque” 8300 RPM, that 414 horsepower is not on tap all at once. However, peak torque is found at a rather low 3900 RPM, meaning that you have a significant amount of passing ability on the highway from any gear right when you need it. For those who decide to take their M3s out on the track, pushing the car right to its limit will bring you from 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds. 414 horsepower is certainly nothing to scoff at.

This 4.0L V8 is a significant revision from the previous E46 body style M3 (2001-2006), which came standard with the 333 horsepower S54 engine. The E46 M3 was also normally-aspirated and featured a high-revving design, which became standard in the M3 lineup starting in 2001.

The engine options in the 2010 BMW M3 certainly do uphold the tradition of excellence laid out by the 24 year old BMW M3 line. Future versions of the M3 will undoubtedly come with engines that will even further push the envelope.